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          Lijin Household Necessities Co.,Ltd Yiwu City is a private enterprise specializing in cleaning articles which was founded in 1993 and located in the cradle of Chinese Famous Commodity City-Yiwu City.One of China's largest cleaning products manufacturing enterprises, Chinadepartment store business association director unit,also  is the   President  units of Yiwu  commodity  trade  association....[Detial]
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          Zhejiang's small..
          Lijin magic brush is based on the special also introduced for supermarkets, is suitable for Chinese favorite consumption habits of the magic brush to wash dishe..
          Foreigners have ..
          Because the Lijin 100 clean cloth does have quality assurance, in far thousands of miles away all foreigners can guarantee for Lijin daily production of 100 cle..
          Fujian Fuzhou Ta..
          Fuzhou Fujian Taobao business for many years to do miss Zhang, but also through the micro channel to me. Micro channel content is very simple, 40G stainless ste..
          Warmly celebrate Yiwu Lijin daily ne..
          Yiwu Lijin daily necessities Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 is located in the Chinese be known to all the world small commodity city birthplace Niansanli Industrial Development Zone, is a professional manufacturer of cleaning products of private enterprises. The company in 1997 to enter the international market, the products are exported to Japan, France, Gre.....
          What are the advantages and disa..
          We already know that on the current market sales of cleaning ball is concerned, ..
          How to judge the good or bad of ..
          A good clean cloth to have decontamination ability, to wear, soft hardness is mo..
          What is nano sponge eraser?
          Nano sponge is also called nano cotton, beautiful nano sponge, melamine sponge, ..
          How to choose a proper shower ba..
          Inferior bath ball there are many hazards, such as infectious skin disease, long..
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